About KWKC

I can’t get anything done if I’m not comfortable. And since I work at home, it’s important for me to keep my home warm in the winter and cool in the summer if I want to get anything done. That’s why I started Keep Warm Keep Cool. My home doesn’t have a central HVAC system and there are no particularly energy efficient features, but I still need to stay comfortable to get my work done.

That means I’ve tried a lot of different products. From whole house window fans to portable evaporative coolers and true portable air conditioners, I’ve tried them all. Some brands and types of products, of course, work better than others.

I’ve also looked into energy efficient space heater choices and have been on a search for the very best space heater of one kind or another for years. I’ve learned a lot.

I spend all day every day writing, and I write about lots of things other than keeping warm and keeping cool. Elsewhere on the web you’ll find these other sites from me:

And if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few others. I’m always writing, always testing and always working to improve my life and home — and I’ll always share everything I learn with you.

It’s in my nature to share what I know, and I hope you can benefit from the air conditioning and heating advice on this site. And whatever you do, keep warm and keep cool as you work and play. And enjoy your home. That’s what it’s for.

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