Best Electric Heater Does Its Job Well

The best electric heater is one that puts warm air where you need it, and I’ve found a model that does that better than any other. There are other portable heaters that also do a good job, as I’ll also explain. You may go through lots of units of various brands in a lifetime, and some will be better than others. But instead of buying whatever is available at the home store the day your unit goes out, why not choose the best portable heater on the market and order a couple right now?

When you make the decision to go with the best, you don’t have to worry about settling for lesser models from a discount store or home center anymore. I’ll explain which model I like best — and why. But what if it doesn’t seem right for your needs? Don’t worry. I’ll point you toward some other great heaters that will also get the job done for you.

The Best Electric Heater I’ve Found

the best electric heater for me could be right for you too
the best electric heater for me could be right for you too

For the money, the best electric heater I’ve been able to find is the Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater– — available from Amazon. It has several features that I find important, but here are the three things that have convinced me that it’s the best available:

  • The vent is at the top of the tall unit, so it sends the heat out up high where it can do some good warming me up.
  • It has fan-forced heat, so the heat generated moves out into the room and doesn’t just hang around at the unit.
  • It generates a large volume of heat, so the fan has plenty to send into the room and the high vent sends out air that’s truly warm, not lukewarm like with some unit.

The company promotes a few other important features, including an adjustable thermostat with digital controls and a seven-hour timer. I’ve found that digital controls are more precise than knobs and that having a thermostat give me more control over a space heater. But I’ll tell the truth: I’ve never used a timer on a heater, so I can’t tell you how well it works on this unit. I’ve never used a remote control for a portable heater either.

The company is also proud to promote that the cyclonic effect of the heat from the unit means it takes effect in warming a room immediately. I think that’s another way of saying that the air is pulled into the unit and pushed back out, making it work better than units that only radiate heat.

There’s also an ionizer features, which means this unit can play a role in cleaning and freshening the air. There are varying opinions on whether an ionizer features works and is necessary, so I won’t comment about that. I simply don’t use this feature, but I do have other powerful air purifiers in my home already.

For a room of a few hundred square feet — most rooms in today’s homes — this should be all you need unless it’s awfully cold outside. And since these units can go close to a wall and send all the heat in one direction, you can put yours where it doesn’t interfere too much with traffic flow in your home or distract from your furnishings.

For these and other reasons, I confidently call this model the best electric heater on the market.

Other Great Portable Heaters

But sometimes, you want some variety from room to room or simply want to try out several models before deciding on a favorite. I don’t have central heating and have many rooms to heat, so I’ve had a lot of heaters through the years — and there are others that seriously deserve your consideration. These fall into three basic categories:

Electric fireplaces. While you may think of electric fireplaces as things you put under your chimney in place of a gas or wood fire, there are many freestanding electric fireplaces that look like wood stoves and can sit anywhere in any room. These are great for rooms where you often entertain guests since the ones I know about all put out plenty of heat and look great.

Quartz heaters. These often look like a piece of furniture and involve large wooden boxes or similar designs that stay cool on the outside. The amount of heat put out by a quartz heater is incredible in many cases, but they do take a lot of room — perhaps more than you have in the smaller rooms of your home.

Micrathermic heaters. I’ve also had very good luck with micrathermic heaters. These have a large area that produces heat and also usually have a fan. Together, these features add up to do a great job in heating even larger rooms.

In fact, any heater with a fan is one worth trying. When choosing the best portable heater for your needs, choose one with a fan if possible. No matter the brand or style, fan-forced heaters have always worked better for me, and I think you’ll find the same thing.

So what’s my least favorite style of heater? That’s easy: radiators. Oil-filled electric heaters that look like radiators just don’t work well for me. While I’ve had one that was pretty good, most simply aren’t very powerful and don’t put out much heat, so I stay away from them now.

Some Portable Heater Safety Information

To help you increase your confident in having these units in your home, I also offer the following safety tips about electric heaters that you may find useful and that can help you in getting the most from your heating appliances:

Make sure the unit has tip-over protection. Most units have this and other modern safety features today. These safety features are why I never buy an electric heater at a thrift store or from a garage sale. You don’t know how old a used heater is or whether it has malfunctioned or been tampered with.

Look for safety certifications. Initials like NRTL, UL, CSA and ETL are indications that the heater has been tested to meet certain safety standards. If you don’t see safety standards on the box when your order arrives, you may not have one of the safest space heaters available.

Don’t use an extension cord. The cords built into heaters are meant for the heat, usage and power capacity needed for a space heater, but extension cords and power strips may not be. Plus, extending a cord means a greater chance of tripping on the cord and pulling the unit over.

Inspect frequently. Check your units for signs of frayed electric cords or signs of overheating. This can help prevent fires and other problems. You may want to wipe the unit down with a dry cloth to get rid of dust as well. Remember, even the best electric heater can malfunction when damaged or poorly maintained.

And of course, keep your unit away from water — and unplug it when not in use. That further decreases the chances of something going wrong.

Final Thoughts On The Best Electric Heater

I’ve told you about the best electric heater I’ve found for my home and needs, and I recommend this model to you. But I’ve also presented some alternatives and some additional information on space heaters and their safety that I hope will benefit you.

Has this information been useful to you? And do you understand space heaters a bit better now? While some people are afraid to use them, choosing the right units and using them correctly reduces risk — and increases overall satisfaction.

When it comes to staying warm, you want an appliance that will do the job for you safely, economically and reliably for years to come.

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