The Many Benefits Of A Whole House Attic Fan

When things feel a little bit too hot, it can feel like a gift to have a whole house attic fan waiting to be turned on. Those warm, humid summer months can leave you feeling extremely weak and it makes it hard to find the motivation and desire to do anything.

If you feel like this summer left you feeling rather slovenly and dull, then we recommend that you invest in a whole house attic fan. When used correctly, these can be the cooling solutions you need to lounge around at home without any discomfort.

However, many people aren’t too keen on investing the sums of money needed to get an attic fan of this kind. Not sure if the investment is worth your time/money? Then let’s take a look at why the whole house attic fan can be such a worthwhile investment:

  • This simple device provides some of the best ventilation that you can get in your home. Since a whole house attic fan pulls air in from windows and then shuttles it through the attic and the roof, this allows for excellent ventilation for the home that can help with stuffiness and making the whole place feel a touch comfier. Add in the fact it does a spectacular job of cooling the place down, too, and using a whole house attic fan can feel like a no-brainer in the right circumstances.
  • Whole house attic fans provide you with a whopping 30-60 air changes in a single hour, depending on the climate and the set-up. This allows your home to remain at a much better level of air comfort and ensures that the whole house feels much cooler and easier to live in than it did previously.
  • A whole house attic fan is very easy to install, too, for a professional or an experienced do-it-yourselfer. While other systems can be a lot easier to find someone to install, the right people installing your new system should make it look simple. While it needs a lot of circuitry wiring and it can take a few days to get it all sorted, you’ll also need around one square foot of free area for every 750 cubic fpm (feet per minute) of the fans power. This might be a hard one to DIY, but it can be set up very easily in the right hands.
  • Easy to maintain for the right people, too, whole house attic fans make a fine choice when you’re looking for something exceptional. We recommend taking the time needed to put a bit of thought into whether or not you should invest in this product as well as who you will use to install it. The idea of the system itself is exceptional — and who fits it will determine how good it really is!

With this in mind, then, you should find it a little easier to see why so many people choose to go with a whole house attic fan as their form of modern cooling at home. Don’t allow the heat and the humidity to leave you washed out!

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