This Bionaire Heater Is Different Than The Rest

I got my first Bionaire heater simply because there was no other acceptable choice available, and I’ve been a fan of the brand ever since. I especially like the micathermic models that heat in a different way and seem to do a better job while offering increased energy efficiency and innovative design.

Since I have no central heat and air in my home, I’ve gone though a lot of heaters. None have been better than the micathermic Bionaire heater I bought simply because one of my old units of another brand had gone out and I had to get something in a hurry. Since then, I’ve found that I really like Bionaire heaters and really prefer to order them online where the prices are always better.

It’s a bonus that they use less energy than many of the other brands and types I’ve tried.

My Bionaire Heater Review

the best Bionaire heater on the market
the best Bionaire heater on the market

After thinking for a while about all the heaters I’ve had over the years, I must give very high marks to the Bionaire BH3950-U Silent Micathermic Console Heater — available for the best price at Amazon. While it looks much different than most models that sit low to the ground and heat mostly just your feet, it also performs differently.

You may initially be turned off because this heater looks strange — sort of modern and industrial. Once you get over the look and start evaluating the performance, however, you may find as I have that there’s very little negative to say.

This Bionaire heater is a micathermic device. If you aren’t familiar with this kind of heater, it’s one of the best portable heater types because it heats by both convection and radiant heat. The heating elements are covered with sheets of thin mica, giving them their unusual name. These units as a whole are thinner than most other types of heaters, making them better for certain applications.

In fact, I like the tall and thin design because it helps get the heat higher up into the room where I can benefit from it. There’s also a fan that helps move the air out into the room. I simply won’t buy a space heater anymore than doesn’t have a fan of some kind.

Most of the time, I use this unit on low. That’s plenty of heating power most days. When you have it on low, it’s silent. You won’t notice a sound. If you put it on high, the fan sound is noticeable, but it’s a lot quieter than many of the other heaters I’ve had through the years. Over time, the fan gets a bit weaker, so save some stress on the unit by using low as often as you can.

I strongly suggest that you put aside any concerns about the design of this Bionaire micathermic heater and instead focus on performance. That’s what really matter. If you’re like me, the performance of this unit will sell you on it and cause you to quickly add it to your best space heater list.

Concluding Thoughts

I haven’t tried every heater on the market, but I’ve had dozens through the years since I moved to a home with no heating and AC system. Some have been so bad that I never really used them after trying them out. I even sent some back. Some really great ones died after a single seasons. Others — like the unit described in this review — have lasted for season after season and provided good results for me every time I’ve used them.

You can be sure that when one of my other old portable heaters goes out, I’ll be replacing it with another Bionaire micatheramic model. It’s my current favorite model because it heats well. It’s as simple as that.

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