Best Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Is Powerful And Sensible Too

The sleek, powerful and easy-to-use Honeywell portable air conditioner is a smart alternative to window air conditioners in places where there’s no window or where you aren’t allowed to have window units. It’s even good enough to choose even when other alternatives are possible. Plus, this Honeywell portable room air conditioner is easy to move around as your needs change — and you can put it away out of sight when not in use.

You may be surprised how powerful these units can be. If you think of them an inferior last resort when there are no other cooling options, it’s time to reconsider. These machines have come a long way in the last few years, making them a smart choice anytime you need cold air.

But what makes the best Honeywell portable air conditioner described here so great? And is it right for you? In this room air conditioner review, I provide some useful facts and my honest opinion.

Your Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Review

The Honeywell 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan — available from Amazon — is a serious machine that’s among the top units in its class on the market today. Single-room air conditioner choices that will perform for more than a season or two without failing are difficult to find, so it makes sense to go with one from a well-respected name like Honeywell. That turned out to be a very good decision for me.

While many of the technical details of this machine are similar to others on the market, there’s a real difference in the quality of the materials and in how well this one works over the long term. Mine, bought as a replacement for an inferior unit, is working as well today as when it was new a couple of seasons ago.

This three-in-one unit cools, dehumidifies and serves as a fan when nothing more than a cooling breeze is needed. That means there’s no need to bring out a separate fan on those mild days in your home or office, so there’s less clutter and fewer items to lug around.

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Other important features are the full-function remote control, the casters that allow you to move it easily and the fact that no permanent installation is required to get it working. The controls on the unit are all together on a simple LCD panel.

This Honeywell portable room air conditioner is a significant improvement over older models and other brands that have a bucket you must empty two or three times a day. This machine has a built-in evaporator to help it get rid of the water pulled from the air without needing to be emptied constantly. That means the unit can be left running unattended for longer periods or can be left cooling a room and the occupants don’t have to know how to maintain it.

I also appreciate that this room air conditioner looks better than older ones. Designed for use in any kind of home or business, it has a sleek, modern look instead of the industrial design that was so common in past generations of these units. If you plan to leave it out and use it all summer, it makes sense to get something that looks good.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, all compressor air conditioners need to be vented to the outside. With a window unit, that happens automatically. With this unit, you’ll need to run a hose through a small window, through a clothes dryer’s vent pipe or however you can get the hot air that’s being pulled from the environment safely out of your home. A kit is included to secure the vent pipe while keeping the window secure. There’s simply no way to avoid some kind of venting, but you don’t need nearly as much space as with a window unit.

Also, you should be aware that a bit of an uneven whooshing sound is completely normal with a unit like this that contains an evaporator. That’s a sign that it’s working right. Some people find this sound a little annoying, but you get used to it within a few minutes.

The bottom line is that this is a great portable air conditioner from a great company. It’s the best choice out there, and I recommend it confidently. In small or medium rooms, it’s amazing. In large rooms, it still works better than any similarly sized unit, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Perhaps the biggest selling point is that you can buy it online. These things are a pain to bring home from a store — believe me, I know — because the box they come in won’t fit in most trunks or back seats. And since the price is better online anyway, it just makes sense to order for quick delivery rather than going out in the heat to try to find this brand and model.

Some Final Comments

When a window air conditioner won’t work or you’re looking for a more powerful, more attractive alternative that won’t be noticed from the outside, choose this Honeywell portable air conditioner, as I did. I’ve tried other brands, and they simply aren’t as powerful and don’t last as long.

If you’re worried about the venting that’s required as I was, don’t be. The window doesn’t have to be nearly as big as for a window unit, and there are alternatives. Even the space in an unused door where a cat flat or vent had been can work. There’s a solution that will work for you as long as there’s some kind of access to outside.

When you need a serious room air conditioner to keep you cool even in the hottest indoor conditions, turn to a name that has specialized in climate control for decades. With this room air conditioner, the hot weather will seem more comfortable to you than ever before.

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